Wood pellets

Wood pellets are one of the most promising fuel for household purposes.  They are purely ecological fuel, predominantly produced from waste residues from wood   production, pressing wood dust, debris or sawdust. 

The pellets are pressed into the form of cylinders of different sizes, on average 6 to 25 mm and length up to 50 mm. With this technology include a minimum amount of water and ash   burns therefore very long. Simultaneously during combustion almost no smoke. A small amount of ash that remains can moreover be used excellently as a natural fertilizer.  Mechanically pressed pellets contain no chemical binders or other additives and mixtures during their combustion almost no noxious. 

The main advantages of BIO pellets: 

  • Pellets are extremely environmentally friendly.
  • While heating achieves a similar comfort without serviceability as using electric or gas boiler.
  • They are space-saving and easy to handle
  • Allow supply independence of fossil fuels such as gas or coal.
  • Promote a healthy environment.

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